Current Versions:

Mac, Windows, Linux: X-Plane v9/10/11, 32/64-bit  (20-Mar-2013)

Previous Versions:

Intel Macs: X-Plane 9/10, 32/64-bit  (19-Feb-2013)
Linux: X-Plane 9/10, 32/64-bit  (28-Feb-2013)

Windows: X-Plane v9/10, 32-bit  (30-Jul-2012)
Intel Macs: X-Plane v9/10, 32-bit  (30-Jul-2012)

OS X Universal Binary: X-Plane v8/9, 32-bit (05-Aug-2009)
Windows: X-Plane v8/9, 32-bit (05-Aug-2009)
Linux: X-Plane v8/9/10, 32-bit (05-Aug-2009)

X-Plane is a popular flight simulator that runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It has a loyal following with many enthusiasts who meet daily and weekly to fly around the world. It can be downloaded at