May 11 2010: Update.

I’m not dead, nor have I given up.. just been very busy. Last year we sold our house, planned to build a new one, ended up buying a better one than we could build, moved in (just before Christmas), had our fifth child (a baby boy), and then a yearly conference that I’m more-or-less in […]

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Aug 4 2009: More big stuff.

Authentication enabled on server and included in plugin. Authentication not yet enforced on server, but will be soon. Apply button added to Control & Settings window. New account signup page added to this site for creating a login. Server now uses login ID for chatting, not callsign (that may change for the sake of ATC/plane-to-plane […]

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All April – August 2009 Posts

Aug 1-2 2009: Major steps. NetFlightSE replaces initial UDP only plugin. Old server, map, and plugins now obsolete and no longer supported. New plugin has Control & Settings window now implemented. Saves everything and loads it at startup. Can disconnect or reconnect without having to restart plugin or X-Plane. Framework for crewed flight mode created. […]

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