Feb 2013: Not dead yet.

Update: Linux 32 and 64-bit plugins have been uploaded for testing.

I’m still working on Windows 64-bit.
I have to remind people that I have a family of six kids, that I’ve been doing school (just finished my Associate’s Degree and am continuing on for a Bachelor’s), and that I work full time. But, in a few spare moments I’m able to code up a bug fix here or there, answer emails and Facebook comments, and even get out an updated version of the plugin. The 32/64-bit hybrid plugin for OS X was just uploaded. I’ll be rebuilding my Windows development environment and getting that one done here soon, along with Linux. In the meantime, enjoy the Teamspeak server (ts.flyingwith.us) and Facebook page.


About the Author: Bryan Scott

Ever the dabbler, Bryan has been working on NetFlight since 2008. During the day, he builds high speed networks. At night, he helps mommy with seven little monsters. Somewhere in between there, he finds time to build web tools and iOS apps.