3.0 Beta Version (Build 190824 – 24 August 2019 3:00 p.m.):

Download and extract the files. Instructions are in the README.txt file. The whole NF3Plugin folder goes into X-Plane 11’s Resources/plugins directory.

Remember, this beta version is kind of like the Wild Wild West: a little rough and a little unruly. ¬†Things may not work as expected. The server may occasionally be offline, and only X-Plane 11’s stock aircraft have been tested.

Also, please be respectful of other users and of the system while we implement additional features to enhance security, stability, and functionality.

macOS 3.0b

macOS will complain that the app is not signed by an identified developer or the App Store. You’ll have to go into Settings, Security & Privacy, and click on the “Open Anyway” button.

Windows 3.0b

Double-clicking on NetFlight_Setup.exe will install and run NetFlight.

When you’re done downloading, head over to the Instructions section.

Previous versions of the plugin and its server are no longer available.

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