March 2017: Nine Years Old


NetFlight is coming up on it’s nine year anniversary. (The code at the heart of the plugin has a timestamp of 15 March, 2008.)

Here we are, in March of 2017. While not a whole lot as changed with the core of NetFlight (minor updates of the SDK to version 2 and 64-bit for X-Plane 10 are all I had to really recompile for), X-Plane went from version 8 to version 11 Beta (as of this writing), and I started working on shared cockpit, which proved to be a much more difficult task than expected.

I also started thinking about what else has changed in that nine year period, and thought it would be interesting to note a few things (Apple product launches included for fun and time reference).

  • 2008 – NetFlight created; Our 4th child is born; iPhone 3G is released; the App Store is launched; X-Plane 9 released
  • 2009 – NetFlight (SE) is launched; Our family moves; 5th child born
  • 2010 – Attend my first WWDC, where iPhone 4 is launched; iPad launched in October (got it on day one–funny store there)
  • 2011 –  I return to school to finish my degree; NetFlight arrives on Facebook; X-Plane 10 released around Christmas
  • 2012 – 6th child born; NetFlight recompiled for 64-bit for XP10 support; iPad Mini introduced; iOS devices support LTE
  • 2013 – Trip to Europe (NL & GR); NetFlight gets a new website (; New Mac Pro (trashcan edition) introduced
  • 2014 – Our family moves, 7th child is born, I receive my BS in IT Management; NetFlight raises $100 in donations (thank you!)
  • 2015 – Family 1st time to DisneyWorld; NetFlight backend security tweaked; iPad Pro and Apple TV 4 come out (yes, got them both)
  • 2016 – Built streaming TV service (for work) for tvOS, iOS & web; 1000 likes on Facebook!; 8th child is born at home (very cool experience)
  • 2017 – NetFlight turns 9!  (And let’s hope Apple launches some cool things that I can put here in the future)

I mentioned 1000 likes on Facebook.  That’s awesome.  But what you don’t know is:

Nearly 4000 unique users have used the plugin over the past nine years!

That means I have touched a lot of X-Plane users at some point. That’s exciting to me.  Thank you for using the plugin and service.

NetFlight has always been a hobby. It has only cost me time and the price of new versions of X-Plane (the server hosting to this point has been free).  The benefits are that it hasn’t really taken me away from my family or my job, which is a good thing.  But, unfortunately, it hasn’t gained features over the past nine years, including the long-awaited, way overdue shared cockpit feature.

This month all of that is going to change.

In the next few days, I will make an announcement regarding those changes coming to NetFlight.  I think you’re going to like it.

Thank you all for the support over the past nine years.

— Bryan



About the Author: Bryan Scott

Ever the dabbler, Bryan has been working on NetFlight since 2008. During the day, he builds high speed networks. At night, he helps mommy with seven little monsters. Somewhere in between there, he finds time to build web tools and iOS apps.