July 2013: Annual Update

Since I set up this site in January of 2009, 1400 users have registered, 1000 of which used the system semi-regularly, and since December, 2011, over 130 likes on Facebook. That is much larger than I ever anticipated, and I’m happy to know that the system is used 24/7.
I am finishing my schooling this coming season (Fall 2014). Part of the final project is the creation of a business plan. I would be interested in seeing if NetFlight’s feature set could become a viable small business, enough that it pays for its own expenses (which are extremely minimal).
Accordingly, I have added a donation button. The rate and amount of donations received will help me gauge the interest in finishing copilot, brushing up documentation, and adding other features. And they’ll serve as a thank you from those of who who have found NetFlight a fun and/or valuable resource in your flight sim experience.

About the Author: Bryan Scott

Ever the dabbler, Bryan has been working on NetFlight since 2008. During the day, he builds high speed networks. At night, he helps mommy with seven little monsters. Somewhere in between there, he finds time to build web tools and iOS apps.