Dec 7 2011: Going Social.

So I’ve been feeling like it’s time to give a little bit of attention to this project again, especially with the release of X-Plane 10. Supposedly I won’t have to make any major changes, and 10 still has to flesh out a bit.
What I’d like to do is expand the social aspect of the plugin. For example, I’m thinking of ways to notify or invite your friends to fly, the ability to push notifications to users about changes and future updates, or to solicit feedback. I want to make chatting available outside the simulator so the screen isn’t cluttered with text, or to allow visiting viewers or other non-participants to weigh in on the activity. Lots more ideas along those lines.
So, to start, post your thoughts, your videos, and screenshots on the new NetFlight X-Plane Plugin Facebook page. I enjoy seeing how NetFlight is used.


About the Author: Bryan Scott

Ever the dabbler, Bryan has been working on NetFlight since 2008. During the day, he builds high speed networks. At night, he helps mommy with seven little monsters. Somewhere in between there, he finds time to build web tools and iOS apps.