Jun 13 2012: X-Plane 10 thrills.

The Spain guys uncovered a problem with X-Plane 10 that calls the animation loop about 3 times more often than (I) originally anticipated. The design was to send one packet per frame rendered; most people’s systems run around 30fps (I’m lucky to get 20 on my MacBook Air). I’ve added a delay timer so that no more than 30 updates are sent per second, which translates roughly to 40-50kbps of data transmitted. I haven’t had a chance to test it on Windows yet. It loads just fine on OS X and seems to have cut down on the amount of data transmitted.

About the Author: Bryan Scott

Ever the dabbler, Bryan has been working on NetFlight since 2008. During the day, he builds high speed networks. At night, he helps mommy with seven little monsters. Somewhere in between there, he finds time to build web tools and iOS apps.